Configuring the Console

The console can optionally be configured using a file named "" in the ".deepnode" directory within your user home directory. Here is an example of contents:



The "timeLevel" lines are not optional; if you are going to create a, you MUST include these five lines. Each has three values, separated by semicolons. The first value is a label for the time level; the second is the number of timeslices to include in the level; and the third is the number of milliseconds each timeslice should be.

The other configuration items are all optional.

AUTOCONSOL_PARENT_THRESH sets the number of children a node in level 2 (child of a node that is child of root) can have before they all get consolidated into one node.

AUTOCONSOL_THRESH is the number of children a node in level 3 can have before they all get consolidated into one node.

AUTOCONSOL_LEAVES is the minimum number of leaf nodes the timewell must contain before any auto consolidation will happen.

TEXT_DISPLAY_DISTANCE controls how far away your camera is when the text label of a node, bot, or blip will turn on.

MAX_TEXT_SIZE is the largest the text will get.

ENABLE_JOYSTICK allows you to turn off joystick (gamepad) detection - necessary on ubuntu, due to the joystick emulator wreaking havoc.

MAX_MEM_MB tells the console when to start discarding the oldest messages it has. Once the amount of memory used by the console reaches this point, it starts discarding old messages. Set to -1 to automatically use 75% of the memory available to the JVM. The default is -1. Any other value less than 512 will automatically be bumped up to 512.

MAX_CACHED_LIMBS tells the console how many pruned limb objects to keep before throwing the oldest away. If your well is small and you are doing lots of filtering and unfiltering etc., setting this high can increase performance. The drawback to setting it too high is if your well is very large, you can run out of vertex buffers and crash. :(

START_AI is false by default and only affects the PRO version. Set to true to automatically start up the AI pattern generator when the console starts.

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