The console is tested with a XBOX 360 gamepad.

The top triggers move the path selection (when you have a path selected). B button prunes inactive paths. X button clears and centers. A button selects when in menu mode.

The D-pad, when you have no path selected, selects the path closest to the axis you press. When a path is selected, D-pad moves up/down through the menu options.

Press the "back" button once to use the D-pad to control time - left slows time, right hastens it. Press back again to return to using the D-pad to select paths.

The right joystick moves the selection cursor around. Click the right joystick to change to moving the camera around instead, click again to move the cursor.

The left joystick moves you forward and backward in the camera direction by pressing it up and down; left and right rotate the timewell. Click the left joystick to change to moving along the Z axis by pressing up and down, and moving along the X axis by pressing left and right. Click again to go back to the other mode.

The start button cycles through the display modes:
   - "clean" mode with few labels and no bots
   - "labels" mode with more labels and no bots
   - "bot" mode with few labels; bots displayed
   - "labels and bots" mode with labels and bots

The Y button pauses and un-pauses.

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