Exiting: On Windows and Linux, exit by hitting esc; on Mac, exit by hitting Command + Q

Labels: The console starts up with node labels turned off. The {l} key (lower-case L) toggles them on and off.

Pruning: when the tree gets too big, the {p} key will prune out pathways with no activity on them

Clearing: the {c} key will unselect anything that is highlighted, clear out the menu, and center the view - any time; if a blip is selected, the first press simply deselects it, and the second press centers the view

Time speed: {spacebar} pauses the timewell; it will buffer the incoming stream and freeze every blip - {spacebar} again will resume at normal speed (1x). The {[} and {]} keys slow down and speed up time... after pausing, for example, you may want to catch up with now. There is a line in the upper right HUD which tells you your current timespeed. Once the timewell catches up with now, the timespeed automatically goes back to 1x.

Mouse: moving the mouse over nodes (spheres), blips (cones), or bots (tori) will highlight them and put you in menu mode; clicking the mouse will highlight the closest path - from edge all the way to root - in blue, and the paths which have communicated with it in silver.

Menu: to use a menu (lower right HUD), hit {enter} to select the highlighted line (when the menu has only one line, it is informational; hit {enter} to get the options). Use up and down arrow keys to move the highlight.

Moving: move forward (the direction you are facing) with the {x} key; move backward with the {z} key. You can rotate the well with the {e} and {r} keys. {w} and {s} move you along the Z axis (down the well and back in time, or up the well toward now). {a} and {d} move you along the X axis (toward the sides of the well).

Move speed: the {v} key cycles your movement speed among slow, fast, and turbo

Path selection: the {i} and {o} keys select the next path over, in either direction; if a bot (pattern) is selected, they select the next bot

Patterns: {tab} hides/shows the pattern detectors ("bots"); when one is selected, {i} and {o} cycle through them

Commandline: the console contains a rudimentary shell; {home} displays/hides it; pressing {q} will put you in typing mode; enter "help" for a list of available commands

Minimize: ALT-TAB will minimize the console - very useful when in full screen mode

Questions? support at deepnode.us